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Rebuilding CompEdNet

I recently spent a lot of time updating CompEdNet – the Scottish Forum for Computing Science Teachers. This post is a potted history of the site and a little information about what was involved in creating it’s most recent incarnation.


Toolbars go to Beta

Ok, this is exciting. My Consolarium/Glow Toolbars are now in beta. New features include a login manager which automates/remembers you Glow login and automatic URL shortening using the service.


Internet Explorer and Firefox Toolbar Alphas (with integrated Glow Search)

I’ve created two toolbars, one for Internet Explorer and the other for Firefox. These are for the Consolarium mainly but they also include links to other LTS content. These toolbars link to the Consolarium Blog, LTS Online Service, the Glow Blog, the short url service etc. The best thing about the toolbar, as it stands, is that it integrates with the new Glow Search and, just like the Google Search bar, it will keep track of your search history.

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Making Glow Better with

I’ve been busy hacking together some code to allow GlowBlog users and Glow users to access to make their own short urls. We all know how long Glow urls can be and wouldn’t it be great if there was a web part which automatically generated a short address for any page that it was added to?


URL shortening for the masses?

Today in about 15 minutes I set up my own URL shortening service using This free service from the guys at allows me to use a custom short domain for any and all shortened URLs I create using their service. I can also use my API key with apps like Seesmic on Android and TweetDeck on iPhone to automatically create my own shortened URLs on those platforms.


A social network for Education?

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking recently about the essential elements and functions of a learning social network. Glow has …


Creating Your Custom Glow Theme

In my last post I described how I created a custom theme for Glow. Attached in the zip below are the files I used to do it. If you have admin rights for your own Glow groups (and this includes your own MyGlow page) you can now customise it’s look just as you want. All it takes is a little .CSS knowledge.


Skinning GLOW – Web Parts, CSS and the Dark Arts.

It would be great if you could customise your pages in GLOW, the Scottish National Intranet for Education, in the same way you can style MySpace? In this post I explain how I did just that and it only took me 8 hours!