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Making Glow Better with Logo LogoI’ve been busy hacking together some code to allow Glow Blogs users and Glow users to access to make their own short urls. We all know how long Glow urls can be and wouldn’t it be great if there was a web part which automatically generated a short address for any page that it was added to? Well, there now is and you can download it from here.

Currently it uses a non-SSL method to call the API content for the shortlink generation so throws up the usual Internet Explorer ‘Security Warning’ for pages which display SSL and non-SSL content, but this can be removed by adding an SSL certificate to the domain and hosting the API files there.  But that involves the cost for an SSL cert. web part in action

Wouldn’t it be great if you also had a WordPress plugin which generated short links for your WordPress posts and pages. And it could also do this retrospectively over all your content with one click! Well, that exists too and you can download it from here.

So, there you go, domain shortening integrated into core Glow services in just a few hours work 🙂 and you can use the short URL service to shorten your own urls using the web frontend at

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