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Fully Jarvis L-Shaped Desk and Monitor Arms Build Project

This is a build video/time lapse of a build of the Jarvis L-Shaped Desk Frame from Fully with the Jarvis Dual and Single Monitor Arms. Love this desk.  I spray painted the desktop and furniture to match the white powder coated frame from Fully.

I did a lot of research before buying into this one. From a range of sources this had great reviews and great customer service. I have to say the customer service has been some of the best I’ve ever had. Really quick to answer questions and super helpful. Can’t recommend them highly enough. As for the products…WOW. Really well made and straight-forward to use. Standing desk is perfect, very stable (no shake or wobble at all!) and all the range I need from low to high.

This was very easy to put together, simple instructions (as long I read them, any mistakes were because I didn’t follow them properly!).

Now I just need a mat for the desk! Saving for Muvmat by aeris which is also sold by Fully (

This isn’t an ad. No one has paid me for this video – I made all my purchases myself – just in case you were wondering.

Links to the products shown in this video are:

Fully Jarvis L-Shaped – Frame Only

Jarvis Monitor Arm (Single and Dual)

Mac Mini Mount

BONTEC Under Desk PC CPU Holder Straps

D-Line Cable Tidy Box

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Allcam Cable Snake for Standing Desks

H&S Cable Ties

VELCRO Heavy Duty

HDMI Splitter Techole

Brennenstuhl Multi-Line 12-Way Extension

Sidorenko Large Gaming Mouse Mat

Sitecom CN-386 USB-C Hub

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