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List all your Google Classrooms Version 2.0


With COVID-19 leading to lockdowns and school closures all over the world, we’ve never needed our digital tools as we do now. Our teachers have moved to the cloud and knowing about your Google Classrooms is an important part of the picture.

I took time to revisit my Google Classroom Script and update this for the new Google App Script Engine. This new version took about 14 minutes to grab 26,000 Google Classrooms from one of the domains I manage.

This updated script is part of a wider piece of work that I’ve been doing which is creating a Dashboard in Google Data Studio to provide local authority and school leaders with the information they need about learning engagement and the safety of our children and young people. I’ll cover this in a separate post shortly.

You’ll need to use Google AppsScript, add this code and authorise the APIs that it requests when it runs. 

The Function listClasses is the one you want the script to run when you initially call it.  You can use this and set a daily trigger if you need the data captured each day. 

Google DataStudio post coming soon but in the meantime – here is the List Google Classroom Script version 2.0.

  1. Shivendra Singh

    I have added this script.
    how can i see the result.
    please guide me. I to am new learner about the google script.

  2. Mickael

    Hi Charlie, I’m interested to try this script as I need to export my classrooms to another account. I cannot see where to get your script ! Tried on both Chrome and Firefox but cannot see where to download. Thanks for your help 😉

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