1. John

    Hi Charlie,
    Many thanks for the resources and the previous post.
    (Hopefully some one at RM will take up the add on to streamline glow pages and speed things up a bit)
    I’ve had quick looks at the html souce of glow pages a few times and am filled with admiration for someone who could dig through the whole lot.
    I’ve been pasting html, css and javascript into xml webparts with mixed results, I wonder if the part you have supplied will sort out some problems?
    Anyway brilliant post although I think it would take me a lot longer than 8 hours to create a redesign like this.

  2. Gordon Rae


    This is superb – managed to get a Glow Group “skinned” in about half an hour last night following your instructions.

    Are there any plans for a design competition – best looking Glow Group wins?



  3. John

    Back again,
    I’ve now had a wee play with the resources and instructions and they are even better than I expected. Looks like you can get a fair way just by editing the images.
    As a note I didn’t upload the files to a document library but to some glow web-hosting space, this speeds the upload up a bit and makes it easy both to swap out images to work on the live css. Now I’ve just got to make something nice.

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