1. John

    Hi Charlie,
    Great idea looks like you are having fun.
    As requested feedback:
    I installed in FF 3.6,11 mac 10.6.4 toolbar version 1.0.1
    Not sure if you are looking for mac feedback but though I’d send it anyway.

    All the buttons that direct to pages work
    Search works
    I presume the glo.li button should put the shortened url in the field beside it. i can’t get it to work here.
    The login button when clicked shows a ‘Configure…’ button, this opens the Toolbar settings Sheet.

    I’ve a few other Extensions installed <10
    Google Toolbar threw a slow script warning after I'd installed the Consolarium

  2. Charlie Love

    Thanks John,

    Surprisingly, the Internet Explorer version is working great but I’m having a few problems with the Firefox one. I’ll work on these later in the week when I get back from Shetland Learning Festival.

  3. Cameron Archibald

    I’ve used both the IE and FF toolbars over the last day or so.

    Only conflict so far is that in IE it appears to have knocked out a dropdown list (it doesn’t drop down;) containing bookmarks on my Delicious toolbar (in bookmark view). This is ok in FF where I have the same Delicious toolbar setup in bookmark view.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Charlie Love

    I’ve updated the toolbars to 1.0.2 – IE has Login Manager, an extended range of LTS services and Glo.li support. For Firefox, it has the same but the Login Manager is still in development but the Glo.li integration is now fully functional.

    Download from the URLs above.

  5. John

    Hi Charlie,
    Just to confirm that the glo.li support works on my mac (10.6.4) and FF (3.6.12) Thanks Useful stuff given glow’s interesting urls

    i am wondering if we can call the glo.li directly from the shell. I usually use Safari and crunch urls via a keyboard shortcut which calls an applescript that runs a simple curl call to tinyurl and puts the result on the clipboard. I can do the same with bit.ly
    Can we do that with glo.li ?

  6. Charlie Love

    Not sure if this will help you John, but you can call http://www.glo.li/toolbarshort.php which will display a page with the shortened url as formatted text only.

    e.g. http://www.glo.li/toolbarshort.php?url=https://portal.glowscotland.org.uk/establishments/nationalsite/Consolarium/Lists/Pages/Welcome.aspx

    Will display http://glo.li/cgn7RZ (just as it appears in the toolbar box). Ideally you should encode the url to shorten before you send it but it works both ways.

  7. Ross Watson

    Hi Charlie,

    Love the toolbar – just getting round to having a play with it.

    Having some issues with the automated login (using IE8). When I enter my my username and password (after selecting the Login to Glow option) I get the “Login manager has detected submitting of a login form” message. The Edit Account window appears and I can see my details. However, the toolbar doesn’t seem to remember my login. Am I doing something wrong?



  8. Charlie Love

    Hi Ross, This is a bug I am aware of in IE8 and IE9. The method used to remember account details needs to access the registry in Windows and in IE8/IE9 I think security permissions are preventing the tool bar remembering your account details (or at least accessing them to display them on screen again). The bug disappears if you are logged in with Admin permissions on the computer. At the moment I’m unsure of an easy fix but I’ll look at it for the next release.

  9. Ross Watson

    Thanks for this Charlie – I’ll log in with admin permissions to have a look. Might revert back to IE7 too.



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