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Gamers and gamers getting a bad press? Games are amazing learning tools and digital games design a major employer – reality check here.

A National Campus in the Cloud?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of a National Campus for Scotland.  This idea has been floating around for …


GlowPlus? The Agile Solution

In my previous post I posed several questions. How can a small agile development group ensure the delivery of a service to …


GlowPlus? Risks and questions

What is the future of Glow now that the ICT Excellence Group report is in and the recommendations have been made? How …


GlowPlus: L.A. Duty of care and Filtering

Duty of Care: Is it an excuse?

The most frequent reason I get when I discuss “open access” to the Internet with those that control network access and strategy in local authorities is duty of care: “We have a duty of care to protect young people”. But what is this duty of care, what isthe legal precedence on which it is based and does this duty of care require that we provide our learners with poor connectivity and restricted access to the worlds largest source of learning material?