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Gamers and gamers getting a bad press? Games are amazing learning tools and digital games design a major employer – reality check here.

Computing Teachers? Time to wake up!

An opinion piece of the future of Computing in Scottish schools and ideas about how to take it forward. “I’m a computing teacher. I love it! I came into teaching after a few years in the IT industry and I loved the challenge and the opportunity to teach new things to learners and really show how technology can be used to create exciting things. From memory computing departments started to crop up in schools around 1984 and most schools had established a department by 1988. I started teaching in 1992 and at that time things like word processing, spreadsheets, databases and programming were all the rage. New software applications and, for most learners, the first experience they had of using a computer. It was an exciting time and there was a huge interest in the subject. In the minds of many parents it was THE subject that their child HAD to take….”

Unreal Development Kit and The Gun.

I’ve been working with the Unreal Development Kit for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely blown away with the possible uses of it for learning in schools. Not only can it be used to create any kind of computer game but it can also be used to animate, generate cinematic sequences, demonstrate artificial intelligence, show 3D modelling, and even create physics experiments. I would say, without doubt, it is the most powerful Games Design Software available.