URL shortening for the masses?

bit.ly-logoToday in about 15 minutes I set up my own URL shortening service using http://bit.ly/pro. This free service from the guys at bit.ly allows me to use a custom short domain for any and all shortened URLs I create using their service. I can also use my API key with apps like Seesmic on Android and TweetDeck on iPhone to automatically create my own shortened URLs on those platforms.

And even better, anyone who creates a shortened URL to this blog using the bit.ly service will automatically get my http://glo.li domain rather than the http://bit.ly one. The .li domain is registered in Switzerland and the DNS is pointed using the Free DNS at EditDNS.net.

So what is the total cost for my personal domain shortening service? A few pounds for the http://glo.li domain and that’s it! Everything else is free.

Is my shortened domain name a homage to Glow Light? Now that would be telling!

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