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Have I helped you? I need your help :)


I need your help. I’ve always been committed to making the best use of technology to support learning and I’ve invested much of my professional life trying to make technology work for teachers, learners and me!  I’ve seen the work of an amazing community of teachers and education professionals across Scotland and I’ve tried, when and where I can, to make a contribution to that community.

This year I want to try to realise an ambition to attend the Google Teacher Academy to learn more about how I can use technology to support learning.

And you can help me get there. I have to create a ONE MINUTE video and I’ve chosen to do this on “Positive Change in My Community” and by community I mean you and all the other contributors to the Scottish education community. So how can you help me?

You can record a video about how any of the developments I’ve been part of have played a positive role in changing your practice, the experience of your learners, your understanding of technology or have had any other positive impact on your work with learners or your own professional development.  And then in the video, if you want to, do a bit of blue sky thinking and say what you think Charlie could do next. So…

  1. Any contribution I’ve made your professional work (keep it short) – (You don’t need to introduce yourself – I’ll add that in captions.).   Start with “Charlie did…” or “Charlie has…” or similar.
  2. What you think I could do next (if you wish). “Charlie could…”

You could talk about my work in leading games design when at the Consolarium, my development of Glew as a flexible alternative to Glow using Google Apps, my sharing of education resources (including my recent Nat4/Nat5 videos), my setup of CompEdNet to support  Computing Science education, my talks at Conferences, TeachMeets or other events, my posts on my blog or any other way that I may have had a positive impact on what you do and/or how you do it 🙂

I will edit videos into a one-minute composite and it will be publicly shared on YouTube (this is one of the application requirements). So, if you are happy to help me please record your video and share it with me at or via Twitter (@charlie_love). You could upload your video to Dropbox or GoogleDrive to share with me. Equally, if you share it on YouTube I can get it from there as well.  Oh and include what you want me to call you and a reference to your current job title (or titles) and I’ll add that as your caption.

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.

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