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Contemporary Poster

My Photoshop for S2 pupils has been a bit of a hit and nearly everyone is making great progress.  In fact, several pupils ran out of work so I had to quickly put together some materials for them.  I adapted some of the great tutorials at and these are included here.  Unfortunately, no videos to go with them yet but we’ll see if I have time to do them later.

Tutorial 1 is a Contemporary Poster Design using some custom photoshop brushes and layered graphics.  The images are on my flickr stream but you can download the whole thing (inlcuding Microsoft Word instructions for pupils) here.

Photoshop - photo manipulation
Photoshop - photo manipulation

The second tutorial is a photo-manipulation task which takes a WW2 Spitfire and adds motion, smoke and flames to it.  Again, this was quickly put together from material at and  uses a variety of photoshop tools to create a convincing image.  You can download the whole thing here and the images are in my flickr stream.

The above tutorials were put together very quickly to meet pupil demand.  I haven’t seen so many excited pupils in the department since we launched “Programming with Scratch” last year.  And following this success, we’re planning on using Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver as our core applications for Standard Grade Computing Studies.  Imagine photo-manipulation as a Standard Grade Project!

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