Could SAMR be a load of tosh?!

It seems that everyone has this idea of the “transformative” use of technology in education. Every technology event I attend, just about every “evangelist” trainer, every company sales person or “education specialist” and every fan-boy/girl has this view that digital technology is a life-changing, wonder tool to inspire and change …

ruled the world

If I ruled the world…

…a few ideas to help develop Glow and Technology across Learning in Scotland today. There are great things happening across the Scottish …

Lock background

Glow Authentication and Shibboleth persistentID

What happens when you change your Identity provider when you use Shibboleth as your system for authentication? Glow uses Shibboleth and changing IdP can break your services. In this post I explain it in plain English.


Glowing pains and migration

The migration of the existing Glow content to Office 365 isn’t really going as planned.  I’ve spent that last few days browsing …