XBox 360 Controller on Mac OS

You can tell everything about the success of Xbox as a gaming platform from the controller. Ergonomically, it’s a perfect fit for the hand, the buttons are exactly where you want them and entire controller is just the right size! Constrast this to the Sony PS3 controller which feels small and flimsy to me and just a bit more difficult to use!

I enjoy retro games just as much as new ones and I though it would be “interesting” to see if I could get the xbox controller to work on MacOS. It was, in fact, a relatively easy process.

1. Download and install Gamepad Companion for MacOs from or you can also use ControllerMate from Both of these programs allow you to map the controller buttons, d-pad and sticks to keys.  This allows you to use the controller with any game!  Gamepad Companion is a 45-day trial and ControllerMate is a 10 day one.  I found Gamepad Companion easier to use and the 45-day trial reinstalls for another 45-days.

2. Download and install the OSX driver for the Xbox360 Controller from  This is a great piece of programming and the source code is available if you want to look at it.

3. Connect the controller and ensure that it is working using the widget in the System Preferences.  Load the Gamepad Companion widget and map the keys for your game and away you go!

AlladinI’ve got it working really well with a Sega Megadrive emulator.  I’ve a couple of ROMs downloaded for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Alladin which work great.  Now to get the PlayStation1 emulator to work and go for Demolition Derby!

You can do the same thing for the PS3 Controller if you wish using the driver at Tattiebogle.

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