List all your Google Classrooms using Apps Script

As a Google Apps for Education admin you are probably getting everyone into Google Classroom. In my twenty plus years of using technology, Google Classroom is the most focused and useful tool for learning and teaching I’ve ever used.  It does what I want as a teacher: making the digital tools disappear so I can focus on helping my learners. And the feedback from the teachers I work with is hugely positive – something that, in truth, I rarely hear about technology in education.

As a Google Apps for Education admin, it would be really useful to see all the classrooms that have been created in your deployment.  This GoogleApps Script does just that. It will made a Sheet in your Drive called “Class Listing” which will contain a list of all the Classrooms you have permission to view (superadmins can we all of them).

You’ll need to use Google AppScript, add this code and enable the Drive, AdminDirectory and Classroom APIs for AppScript (from Resources->Advanced Google services…)


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